Shop Sisters

 When I started Women in the Word gift shop, my mission was very clear to me and that was to use this platform to encourage women. I want to provide encouragement to be in the Word and also encourage and inspire women in their walk with the Lord. When I first became a Christian, I was not in the Word as much as I should have been and I didn't have much of a support system. I pray that the community of women the Lord is building through Women in the Word gift shop just might be that support for someone.


 I find that I am really inspired and motivated by listening to the stories of others; stories about overcoming sin or great tragedy or just how to find time with God in the monotony of the day. I learn so much from hearing from others about what the Lord has taught them through a certain stage on life or what they still struggle with. This lead to the idea of having a " Shop Sister" each month to share what the Lord has put on their heart to share.  Trust me this is all God; He is giving me all these wonderful ideas. 


 Every month, I have prayed that He will put on my heart and mind who to ask to share with us! You will truly be blessed by their stories.


 Listen to them here 👉  Shop Sisters


shop sisters